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Government Affairs

Advocacy Overview


Since LIPA’s inception more than fifteen years ago, our fundamental goal has been to give a voice to independent pharmacies in dealing with government. While LIPA has grown through the years to take on various new roles, ensuring government works for you still remains our primary focus.

LIPA fights for Louisiana's community independent pharmacies because of the work they do in every corner of the state to ensure pharmacy health care is available to their patients. As pharmacists play such a vital role in health care, we work at the state capitol, in the courts, and on Capitol Hill to defend access to this critical sector of the health care system.

 Scales of Justice

State & Federal Advocacy

LIPA’s Role in Legislative Activity


LIPA is dedicated to advocating the profession of pharmacy in the Louisiana State Legislature and in the United States Congress and we value the right to petition the appropriate legislative and regulatory bodies to serve the needs of our membership. Through our Government Affairs team, we play an active and crucial role in protecting the interests of our community pharmacies and the patients they serve.

As the roles and responsibilities of pharmacies are directly affected by legislative decisions, LIPA works to build and maintain relationships with state and federal policymakers. In a time of rapid change throughout the health care industry, our major focus is on continually educating these public officials on the important role that Louisiana’s independent pharmacies play in the overall health care of patients in their community.

View our State Advocacy, Federal Advocacy, and Supported Legislation pages for more information.

Support for Pro-Independent Pharmacy Candidates


LIPA supports the candidacies and grassroots efforts of those that understand the importance of the most accessible healthcare provider available to the citizens of Louisiana—community pharmacies.

Running a political campaign is costly and our legislative allies depend on backing from our membership to be successful. We support a broad slate of candidates and elected officials on both sides of the aisle who share our views on key policy objectives and who understand the impact various policy decisions may have on independent pharmacies as both healthcare providers and businesses in their communities.

Get Involved


Community pharmacies must join together to present a unified voice. Members may become more involved in the political process by reaching out to their local representatives or by donating to the Independent Rx PAC. Together, with your help and your voice, we can make government work for us.

View our Get Involved and Independent Rx PAC pages for more information.

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