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Independent Rx Political Action Committee

The PAC for Louisiana's Small Business Pharmacies


Our legislative affairs team employs several methods to promote our positions on important pharmacy issues to lawmakers. One such tool we have is LIPA’s Political Action Committee (PAC), Independent Rx.

Independent Rx was established as a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization for independent pharmacies to raise funds to support the candidacies and grass root efforts of those that understand the importance of the most accessible healthcare provider available to the citizens of Louisiana—community pharmacies.

Invest in the Future of Your Profession


Independent Rx is funded by the voluntary donations of LIPA members. The Committee contributes to a broad slate of candidates on both sides of the aisle, with decisions about contributions being made in conversation with our members and the Board of Directors of Independent Rx.

Running a political campaign is costly and our legislative allies depend on financial supporters like you to be successful. Funding is directed to candidates and elected officials who share our views on key policy objectives and who understand the impact various policy decisions may have on independent pharmacies as both healthcare providers and businesses in their communities.

Gaining more influence for Louisiana’s independent pharmacies is achievable, but it cannot be done without your assistance. Please consider this benefit to you and your business as we work to help elect the best candidates to the legislature and to our statewide offices. Together, with your help and your voice, we can make government work for us.

Contribute to Independent Rx

Please make checks payable to Independent Rx.

Our mailing address is:

543 Spanish Town Road

Baton Rouge, LA 70802

For forms of contribution payment other than check, please contact

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