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Supported Legislation

2022 Session Louisiana Legislature


While the last two years brought major pandemic-related disruptions to the legislative process, the 2022 Legislative Session is gearing up to be more like what we have come to expect during the 85- day period—long days with committee hearings, calls, e-mails, texts, and meetings with legislators and stakeholders; monitoring bills for last-minute amendments. Louisiana has a sizable number of state legislators who were elected just prior to the pandemic and whom we want to make certain are aware of the issues that impact access to prescription drugs in their communities and neighborhoods.


This year’s session begins at noon on Monday, March 4th and while it could end earlier, must end no later than 6 PM on June 6th. 

Several bills of interest have been filed that LIPA will follow and/or support: ​

SB32 by Sen. Mills – provides relative to pharmacy audits 

Under the current law, a PBM's time to audit follows the pharmacy's time to submit a claim. SB32 will:

  • Cap PBM's ability to audit to 1 year and 100 prescriptions in a comprehensive list

  • Prevents the auditor from receiving payment based on the amount they recovered

  • Requires the auditor to be knowledgeable of Louisiana pharmacy audit laws and to conduct the audit in compliance with Louisiana law

  • Keeps the auditor from trying to avoid legal restrictions by alleging fraud

SB82 by Sen. Mills – provides relative to Medicaid reimbursement for pharmacy services

  • Directive to the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) to adopt a rule that would enhance reimbursements for services rendered by pharmacists using funds from the prescription drug rebate

  • By January 1, 2023, requires LDH to file a state plan amendment with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to provide for the enhanced reimbursements, equal to 100% of the appropriate and reasonable cost of providing pharmacy services 

SB83 by Sen. Mills – creates the Council on Medicaid Pharmacy Reimbursement 

  • Council to be comprised of 10 members​

  • Council is charged to:

    • Review Medicaid pharmacy reimbursement and data trends​

    • Facilitate pharmacy comments

    • Make recommendations to the LDH and

    • Advise the secretary of alleged violations of any entity providing a service relative to prescription drug administration

SB99 by Sen. Mills – provides relative to permits issued by the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy 

Under current law PBMs are not required to obtain and maintain a permit from the Board of Pharmacy if the PBM administers, develops, maintains, performs, or provides one or more enumerated pharmacy services in Louisiana or that affects one or more beneficiaries of a pharmacy benefit management plan administered by the PBM

SB99 will:

  • Amend current law to require PBMs to obtain and maintain permits from the Board of Pharmacy


Additional Bills LIPA is watching:

  • HB424 by Rep. Turner – provides relative to the administration of immunizations and vaccines by pharmacists and other licensees of the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy 

  • SB35 by Sen. Mills - names the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy building located in Baton Rouge the "Carl W. Aron Building"

  • SB77 by Sen. Luneau - provides relative to prior authorization of prescription drugs

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