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About Independent Pharmacies

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What is an Independent Pharmacy?


Independent pharmacies are the locally-owned, small business drugstores in your hometown who offer a variety of niche services and personalized care that you won't find at most chain drug stores. As medication experts, independent pharmacists provide counsel on the treatment of a variety of health related concerns and reduce overall costs by helping to ensure that patients consistently take their medications and by referring them to generic treatment options when appropriate.

Independent pharmacists play an important role in our healthcare system. By providing in depth knowledge about medicine, filling prescriptions with speed and accuracy, and providing highly personalized service in a helpful, courteous manner, they help improve medication adherence and patient outcomes — two benefits that lead to yet another: decreased healthcare costs.

Greater Customer Satisfaction


According to a recent Consumer Reports poll that gauged custom satisfaction with pharmacy services, “[Respondents] expressed their highest satisfaction rate (94%) regarding their experiences at a neighborhood independent pharmacy, based on pharmacists’ knowledge about drugs and other products, helpfulness and courtesy, speed, accuracy, and personal service.” Top services offered by independents include same-day home delivery, patient charge accounts, immunizations, compounding, and durable medical goods.

Personalized Care


Independent pharmacies do much more than just dispense medicine; they also play an important role in transforming today’s healthcare system into one that is more caring and personalized. Often thought of as “community” pharmacies due to the personalized services they offer, these pharmacies truly make the effort to foster a community feel in their stores.

As the majority of an independent pharmacy’s customer base lives in close proximity to their store, patients are often addressed on a first name basis, and receive advice based on their unique situation. Independent pharmacists also take the time to educate their patients on their medications by providing them information on why, how, and when to take them. This assures that patients are taking their prescriptions safely and effectively, especially for the elderly who are usually on multiple drugs at once. 

Invested in the Community


As small business entrepreneurs, independent pharmacists are dynamic, multi-dimensional health care providers who play a critical role in Louisiana's health care delivery system. With a strong foundation in their communities, independent pharmacists lead grass roots public health, civic, and volunteer initiatives and, as such, represent a vital resource. Short-term, the goal of independent pharmacies is to ensure individual health but long-term, they are focused on improving the overall quality of health care in order to realize the best possible outcomes.

Find Your Local Independent Pharmacy


Discover for yourself the many benefits your local independent pharmacy provides. Contact us to locate an independent pharmacy near you.

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