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PBM Reform Podcast: LIPA vs. ESI - Fight For The Right To Be Paid

What happens when a state implements provider fee statutes that are officially approved by CMS but one of the big 3 PBMs still claims exemption?
Join guest host Monique Whitney with special guests Randal Johnson, JR Whaley, and MJ Terrebonne as they discuss Louisiana's legal battle with ESI over 10 cents per claim, and the ramifications this could have on state Medicaid programs nationwide.

PUTTcast Episode 6: The Legislative Importance of Independent Pharmacy Associations

Listen as LIPA founders, officers, and our own student intern discuss the importance of independent pharmacy organizations with Pharmacists United for Truth & Transparency (PUTT), the Massachusetts Independent Pharmacists Association (MIPA), and Independent Pharmacies of Maryland (IMPD)

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