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LIPA For Students


LIPA Collegiate Chapter

LIPA has expanded educational and professional opportunities with the support of its student chapter launched in the Fall of 2009 at the University of Louisiana-Monroe. By encouraging and promoting an interest in independent pharmacies, LIPA hopes to provide future leaders of the profession with tools for success.

The LIPA collegiate chapter is designed to provide pharmacy students with an in-depth look at independent pharmacies, ownership, and its privileges. Student members receive, and are able to contribute to, a weekly newsletter distributed across the state that provides the latest news concerning independent pharmacies and the profession at large. They also have the opportunity to interact with local pharmacists from across the state and nation by attending national conventions hosted by the National Community Pharmacists Association.

ULM Scholarships & Professorships

LIPA worked with ULM to create the Independent Pharmacy and Small Business Scholarship program focused on helping educate future pharmacists and pharmacy leaders, particularly for small business independents intent on serving their communities as their most accessible healthcare provider. 

Recognized by the Board of Regents, this scholarship program has provided over a hundred thousand dollars of funding for ULM pharmacy students. 

LIPA also sponsors a Professorship in Pharmacy, which assists in providing salary or discretionary spending supplements to increase the retention of exemplary professors. enhances research competitiveness in achieving Federal funding improves research ties with industry by linking industrial researchers with faculty strengthens the capacity of departments to achieve regional, interstate and/or national eminence in education or research 

Pharmacy Education Support Fee

Passed during the 2015 Louisiana Legislative Session, RS 37:1184 created the "Pharmacy Education Support Fee" giving Louisiana pharmacists and pharmacy owners the option to contribute $100 to a public university school of pharmacy with their annual license or permit renewal.

The “Pharmacy Education Support Fee” is designed to help fund higher education in pharmacy. Each year, Louisiana pharmacists and pharmacy owners renew their permits and licenses. While many pharmacists already give back to their pharmacy school each year, this optional fee provides a quick and convenient way for them to donate $100 while completing their annual license and permit renewal.

Placing the fee on these forms expands the donation pool to all Louisiana pharmacists and pharmacy owners, many of whom might not have considered donating otherwise. The $100 fee is optional; the pharmacist may elect not to pay this additional fee.

Proceeds from the fee are collected by the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy. Annually by April 1, the Board must disburse all proceeds from the fee to an accredited public university school of pharmacy in Louisiana to be used solely for the benefit of their pharmacy education program (ULM is the only accredited public university school of pharmacy in Louisiana). The funds are supplemental in nature; they are not intended to replace, displace, or supplant any other funds received by the university to operate the pharmacy school.

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