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LIPA Membership | Pharmacy Resources

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LIPA Pharmacy Resources | Communication

LIPA member pharmacies receive cogent analyses, reports, and updates of news impacting their industry as well as several other resources, such as: 

  • Regular state, federal, and global news updates concerning not only pharmacy but the larger healthcare scene as well. 

  • A member-only forum to facilitate the exchange of ideas among the pharmacy community. 

  • Rapid response from LIPA staff regarding any issue or question to assist our members and address their concerns. 

LIPA Pharmacy Resources | Newsletter

One of the most valuable membership benefits of LIPA is our weekly newsletter. Each Friday, the LIPA staff send a detailed update on important developments affecting the pharmacy industry in the state and nation. This newsletter keeps members informed on important dates and deadlines, valuable pharmacy news, and the most notable developments in the profession. Through the excellent feedback we receive from our members, it is evident that this resource is the best way to remain up to date on pharmacy news.

LIPA Pharmacy Resources | Group Me Rapid Response

Every LIPA member automatically has the option to join our Pharmacy Business Practices GroupMe text chat. This chat is constantly in use and allows pharmacists to stay in contact with LIPA staff, as well as other LIPA member pharmacists, on a regular, easy-to-use basis. Our members report that the rapid response GroupMe has been very important in our collective ability to navigate a number of pharmacy issues. Access to this tool is a great benefit for LIPA member pharmacists.

LIPA Pharmacy Resources | News Clips

LIPA member pharmacies receive daily cogent analyses, reports, and updates of news impacting their industry. 

Political Analysis 

Weekly publications from around the state and nation that offer LIPA members valuable insight into the current events impacting the healthcare community. 


Daily publications from NCPA informing community pharmacists of the top headlines and stories affecting their patients the practice of pharmacy.

LIPA Pharmacy Resources | Continuing Education
Pharmacy Continuing Education.png

LIPA is an accredited organization through ACPE, meaning that it can offer opportunities for pharmacists to obtain Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE) credit hours. 

The Louisiana Board of Pharmacy requires pharmacists to complete 15-20 CPE credit hours annually, and LIPA provides a number of credit-earning opportunities for its members throughout each year. This can come in the form of members attending meetings featuring guest speakers who address certain topics in the world of pharmacy, completing pharmacy related activities, and participating in certain LIPA Board Meetings. 

Occasionally, these opportunities are also offered electronically, granting members the convenience of obtaining CPE credit despite not being able to attend particular events in person. Recently, LIPA was awarded a six-year CPE accreditation through ACPE that extends through June 30, 2029, so members will experience no shortage of chances to earn those much-needed CPE hours in the coming years. 

We are also committed to improvement in our CPE offerings for pharmacy technicians and assuring that the learning objectives are appropriate for pharmacy technicians, especially when engaged in the same activity as pharmacists. ACPE encouraged us to use communication tools such as member surveys and GroupMe inquiries to help determine the educational needs of our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

LIPA Pharmacy Resources | AWP / WAC Calculator

Our online calculator determines your AWP, Reimbursement rate, and WAC rates. Enter the WAC and contract discount rates - the calculator will do the rest.  

LIPA's cost calculator should be used as a reference only. For additional questions, please contact us at

LIPA Pharmacy Resources | Marketing Materials & Signage

LIPA provides its members with various informational handouts (“bag stuffers”). The bag stuffers are a tool for pharmacists to help explain to their patients why they may be unable to fill their prescriptions, whether due to negative reimbursement or clawbacks. 


The simple task of distributing these informational handouts is a proven and effective way to inform patients of these difficulties. LIPA staff provides the bag stuffers to our pharmacists at a number of events, including regional meetings and the LPA conference.

Additional Pharmacy Resources
File a PBM Pharmacy Network Complaint

LIPA urges patients, pharmacies and community members to speak up about concerns they may have with regard to their pharmacy access and quality of care. Report any complaints issues and concerns to LIPA’s PBM Pharmacy Network Issues in Louisiana.

LIPA | Programs & Services


LIPA provides a collaborative partnership by working with government, private business, and individuals to learn, apply, and improve pharmacy and healthcare policy. We advocate on behalf of our members and strive to address their needs, issues and concerns each day. 


With nearly 500 independent community pharmacies alone in the state of Louisiana, you are never far away from a pharmacist that can provide expert medication counseling. Our Find a Pharmacy tool is intended as a guide for patients and displays the store locations of all LIPA-member independent pharmacies in the state of Louisiana. Simply enter your address or zip code to locate independent pharmacies near you. For directions, click the pharmacy name or orange icon.

Go to the Find A Pharmacy Locator→

LIPA | File a Louisiana Medicaid Reimbursement Dispute

On December 1, 2015, the Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH) implemented a reimbursement dispute process for independent pharmacies in accordance with Act 399 of the 2015 Regular Legislative Session. To meet the “Reasonable Reimbursement” requirement, the State now requires all Bayou Health pharmacy claims be reimbursed at or above the Louisiana Fee-For-Service (LAFFS) Estimated Allowable Amount.

Get More Information→

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