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LIPA Advocacy |  Our Mission

LIPA works to build and maintain relationships with state and federal policymakers whose legislative decisions directly affect the roles and responsibilities of pharmacies. 

  • Collaborative work on critical pieces of legislation, for example: addressing delayed reimbursement (Prompt Pay) and allow pharmacies to realize tax savings (Occupational License Tax Limit & Sales Tax Exemption). 

  • LIPA's advocacy goal is to educate the public on the important role that Louisiana's independent pharmacies play in the day-to-day healthcare of patients in their community.

LIPA Advocacy | Partnerships

LIPA partners with government agencies to ensure Louisiana pharmacies are equipped and prepared to meet the needs of their patients in any situation, including natural disasters and Public Health Emergencies. We are regularly looking for opportunities to return viability and revenue to our pharmacies. Our goal is to help the pharmacies market themselves in their communities while also maintaining their role as reliable healthcare providers by participating in programs that return additional revenue to the pharmacies - in most cases greater than the LIPA dues they are paying each month.

Medicaid Unwinding

LA Medicaid Outreach Logo FINAL.jpg

LDH recognizes that pharmacies are ideally situated to assist their Medicaid patients who continue to qualify, in successfully navigating their upcoming annual renewal of eligibility. We've entered into an arrangement with LDH/Medicaid to recruit, engage, and support independent pharmacies with training, resources, and ongoing technical assistance to help achieve the State’s stated goal that no eligible person has their Medicaid case closed during this year long renewal process.

LIPA has worked with our partners, the LDH and People Care, to develop a “menu” of outreach activities that independent pharmacies can provide and receive compensation to cover their costs. This is a “win-win” for both your patients and your pharmacy. 

Services do not have to be provided by a pharmacist or pharmacy technician. See qualifications for Medicaid “Trusted Users” here

For more information, we have prepared a list of anticipated Questions and Answers. Interested pharmacies can apply online by clicking here

If you have questions, please reach out to Ruth Kennedy who will be serving as the Project Director for this initiative at 225-241-1437 or via e-mail at or

Louisiana Pharmacists Association


Value: $150/year per member

LIPA membership benefits include paid membership in the Louisiana Pharmacy Association. LPA members have access to Continuing Pharmacy Education and Professional Development, networking, and many other valuable resources.

LIPA is a major sponsor of LPA’s Annual Convention, which provides a significant opportunity for interaction between pharmacy providers, LPA members, and other registered professionals in Louisiana. Our members report that these benefits of LPA membership are of great importance.

National Community Pharmacists Association

NCPA logo.png

Value: $435/year per member

LIPA membership benefits include paid membership in the National Community Pharmacists Association, our federal partner. NCPA members are connected to over 19,400 other member pharmacies, receive additional CPE opportunities, and are well-represented on all fronts at the national level. NCPA offers its members diversified revenue opportunities, grassroots tool kits, marketing materials, and more. 

NCPA has been integral to the success of pharmacy legislation. We’ve seen dozens of bills introduced to Congress this year that LIPA and NCPA have collaborated closely on. NCPA’s current advocacy priorities include promoting PBM transparency, prohibiting spread pricing, and ensuring Medicare payments for enhanced pharmacist services. The support of Louisiana independent pharmacists is highly valuable to NCPA. 

LIPA members can also connect directly with NCPA representatives to voice their concerns. They’ve attended LPA conventions, LIPA Board meetings, and more events where we have all gathered recently. The annual NCPA conference is also an invaluable opportunity to connect with community pharmacists around the country. 

Pharmacies, especially independents, are confronted with the most difficult challenges the industry has ever seen. The survival of local pharmacies is essential to the vitality of your community. Taking advantage of this LIPA membership benefit means you have access to all the business tools, education, and federal and state advocacy efforts you may need.

Independent Rx PAC


We want to make sure you’re aware of the LIPA-affiliated Political Action Committee (PAC), Independent Rx, that assists candidates who will fight to protect Louisiana pharmacies and patients alike. This PAC is organized in Louisiana and has regularly supported candidates for statewide and legislative offices. 

Your LIPA staff, board, and members contribute to the PAC. 2023 has been a critical year with important elections, making it even more vital that we all step up and contribute to the Independent Rx PAC to ensure the right candidates are supported. While we know that you may be donating to these candidates already, PAC contributions are a valuable way to show unified support behind a candidate. 

We encourage you to inform the LIPA team of your opinion on these candidates and their stances on issues to help guide the support that we’re offering to any candidates. 

LIPA Advocacy | Legislative Efforts

Federal Trade Commission

Until last year, the Federal Trade Commission had taken little to no action to regulate anticompetitive practices, especially relating to PBMs. 

When they announced in June of 2022 that they would be conducting a Section 6(b) investigation of PBMs, LIPA staff and members began preparing relevant information to support their investigation. This 6(b) study allows the FTC to dive into the most notable PBMs without a specific law enforcement purpose. 

LIPA also utilized to great effect the public comment period offered by the FTC. In a collaborative effort with our federal partners at NCPA, LIPA has played an integral role in the FTC investigation. We have been able to discuss PBM unfair practices in more detail with the FTC and have shown the importance of independent pharmacies and how PBMs work to damage the impact of these independents. 

We have clearly made great progress with this FTC investigation as they plan to enforce fair competition and police PBM practices much more closely now and in the future.

LA state seal.png

Louisiana State Legislature

LIPA has been active and engaged with the Louisiana State Legislature for nearly 20 years. Achievements in the legislature include: 

  • Prompt pay laws 

  • Requiring PBMs to be regulated by the state through LDI 

  • Any-willing-provider provisions to increase patient access in the Medicaid program

  • A cap on the occupational license tax fee at an amount less than $2,000 for independent community pharmacists 

  • The prohibition of claw backs that are not apparent at the POS 

  • PBM audit guard rails 

  • The ability to offer the cash price as a lower cost alternative 

  • Decline to fill 

  • Requiring PBMs to provide and update MAC lists 

  • The expansion of unfair trade practices by PBMs and the regulation thereof.

Legislative Efforts
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