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Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits


Joining the Louisiana Independent Pharmacy Association (LIPA) gives you access to a host of resources and information as well as a comprehensive group of benefits. LIPA is your strategic and legislative voice - helping you run a more effective and profitable business. We maintain powerful relationships and engage at every level to defend and advance your goals.

Our mission is simple: to perpetuate and advance the growth and prosperity of independent community pharmacy throughout Louisiana. We represent the professional and proprietary interests of community pharmacists and do everything in our power to ensure they can compete in a free and fair marketplace. Click here to join→.



LIPA provides a collaborative partnership by working with government, private business, and individuals to learn, apply, and improve pharmacy and healthcare policy. We advocate on behalf of our members and strive to address their needs, issues, and concerns each day. 

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Programs & Services


Joining LIPA gives you access to a number of valuable programs and services at no additional cost. These benefits include payment of DME Surety Bonds for the flexibility to sell durable medical equipment at no additional cost to the member pharmacist, a full paid membership to the Louisianan Pharmacists Association (LPA), and no-cost enrollment in iMedicare. We also offer legal advice, consultation, and representation for qualified matters.


Membership in LIPA gives you access to our weekly newsletter and news clips as well as various other continuous updates that contain vital information to the independent pharmacy community. Member pharmacies receive cogent analyses, reports, and updates of news impacting their industry as well as a host of other resources including:

  • Regular communications regarding state, federal, and global news concerning not only pharmacy but the larger healthcare scene as well;

  • A forum for community pharmacy idea exchange as well as education, opportunities, and support for aspiring community pharmacists, and

  • Legislative tracking



LIPA is your source for all things pharmacy in Louisiana. Check out the LIPA Resource Center or call us at the LIPA office for answers to all your pharmacy questions.

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